The Story behind the brand

Thank you, for your interest. My name is Shnell Swain. I am a passionate lover of the Lord, mother of two and powerful creator. This brand was created to inspire the life-sustaining type of faith that I have had to muster in order to manifest my manna. In 2013, God thrust me into an unexpected season of solitary confinement. During that time, I had a near death experience that placed me in a hospital bed for nine weeks. That season of isolation rendered me free from distractions and offered great clarity of vision which ultimately changed the trajectory of my life. Journaling throughout that time was cathartic. I experienced some things I must share. My plan was to write a book based on that experience and be done. But as I meditated on a business name that could truly represent my life experiences, “Manifest My Blessing” seemed a no-brainer. Likewise, I pondered what the tagline should be. I thought, “what is a brief way to summarize how I tap into "manifestation mode" to manifest a blessing?” and the answer was simply, “See it. Decree it. Be it.” I believe that manifestation is simply a God-inspired outward indication or display of the existence of a thing. 


In, short, this brand was created to encourage and inspire you to do these three things:

1) Visualize your desire clearly in your mind; never let it go. See it!

2) Speak power to yourself! Pull out your pom-poms and be your own cheering squad. Decree it!

3) Behave like it is already done. Walk like it. Talk like it. Be it. God’s greatest desire is to be believed. Be it!

Believe he will do it despite your circumstances. This type of radical faith will dissolve your self-doubt and motivate you to take action towards your goal.

This part is your responsibility. Faith without works is dead. This former juvenile delinquent became a massage therapist, a registered nurse, has published over ten books, and launched this business. I am manifesting my blessing. I pray that this story inspires you to chase and slay your dreams. Let’s go! God is not finished.