The Story behind the brand

 As I meditated on a business name that could truly represent my life experiences, “Manifest My Blessing” seemed a no-brainer. Likewise, I pondered what the tagline should be. I thought, “what is a brief way to summarize how I tap into "manifestation mode?” The answer is simply, “See it. Decree it. Be it.” I believe that manifestation is simply a God-inspired outward indication or display of the existence of a thing. 


In, short, this brand was created to encourage and inspire you to do three things:

1) Visualize your desire clearly in your mind.

2) Speak power to yourself! 

3) Behave like it is already done. Walk like it. Talk like it. Be it. God’s greatest desire is to be believed.

See it. Decree it. Be it!

Believe he will do it despite your circumstances. This type of radical faith will  produce divine confidence and motivate you to take action towards your goal.

This part is your responsibility. Faith without works is dead. Let’s go! God is not finished.