Shnell's Bio

Shnell is a mentor extraordinaire, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Her own remarkable journey inspires others to see their true potential and embrace a life of success.

As a Child Safety Advocate and Registered Nurse, Shnell is committed to ending child maltreatment through education and awareness. She teaches audiences how to detect, prevent, and report abuse, initiating crucial conversations with children and adults alike.

Featured in Rolling Out Magazine, TBN, and Atlanta Live, Shnell's nonprofit organization, End Child Molestation Inc., aims to serve over one million children. Through awareness, education, and resources, she fights against child sexual abuse.

When not changing lives, Shnell enjoys cherished moments with her loved ones, writing, and exploring the great outdoors. Join her on this transformative journey and let her help you "See it. Decree it. Be it."