Ready, to Manifest Your Blessing?

Hey! I’m your girl, Shnell.

I am completely obsessed with helping you become the best you possible. As a former high school dropout, and former victim of abuse, I totally understand the frustration of feeling hopeless.

I also know the importance of changing your limiting self-perception despite your setbacks. Life is both too short and too long to stay stuck in mediocrity.

Don't worry! I am here to help you fundamentally transform your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. This is your season!

As a board-certified registered nurse, and a Master's degree graduate of the University of Adversity, my goal is to provide the skills and knowledge of a professional and the unconditional support of a trusted friend.

 See it. Decree it. Be it. 

Visualize the best version of yourself. 

Speak affirming words to yourself. 

Demonstrate faith by being whom you envision. BE IT.

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 How can I help you right now? 


This six week E-course provides the framework for true life transformation, and is intended for individuals ready to do the work.
This course includes:
-Weekly/1 hour 1:1  accountability meetings
-1 Workbook and all course materials.
-5 Bonus self care items

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Our 100% all-natural Luxury Spa Style Pedicure Set is a plush self-care regimen for those who enjoy above average foot care!
Benefits include:
-Stress Relief & Improved Mental Clarity
-Increased Blood Circulation
-Improved Joint Mobility
-Prevention of Calluses
-Maximum Exfoliation of Dead Skin Cell
-Ultra Hydration & Moisturization

Our new 30 Days of self empowerment Mirror Mantras audio eBook will help to build a consistent habit of positive self talk. 

We also offer a wide variety of self-love workbooks and journals sold exclusively on Amazon. These accountability tools benefit mental wellbeing and support personal development. 

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Our premium affirmation attire is sure to keep you motivated as you crush your goals.

Manifest your blessing while wearing your hoodie, tee, or tote bag today!