The Pedi Set

Immerse yourself in the bliss of self-care with a divine pedicure set that makes your feet feel brand new while supporting your body’s self-healing process. You’ll enjoy a combination of premium products with all-natural ingredients, designed to offer you the most opulent pedicure experience. Our Deluxe Pedi set is composed of:

1. Pedi foaming wash – Pamper your tired feet in a bubbly wash and sea soak.
2. Luxurious foot scrub – Next, scrub away dead skin with a specialized exfoliant.
3. Pedi mud mask – Detoxify and rejuvenate your soles in a French clay and seaweed foot mask.
4. Luxurious foot cream – Complete your pamper session with an ultra-hydrating foot cream.

Treating yourself to a relaxing spa session at home won’t just benefit your feet but it will give your overall health and wellbeing a welcome boost – because self-care is health care! Regular use of our Pedi set will help you:

● Reduce stress – Pedicures are incredibly relaxing and help promote your mental health by putting your mind at ease and boosting your confidence.
● Increase blood flow – Massaging your feet and lower legs throughout a pedicure helps promote blood circulation, which aids in evenly distributing heat in your body and clearing toxins out.
● Alleviate swelling and pain – Improved blood circulation may prevent pain, arthritis, varicose veins, and swelling.
● Improve joint mobility – The products used in our pedicure set will get your joint mobility to give you a healthy and full range of movement.